About Us

 In Vogue Studios was started in 1993 as a Hand Textile Design Studio by Hilarie Bach, print stylistAs time went on, the studio evolved with technology and added on a CAD department and a Digital Printing department.

We are a total service studio, creating all aspects of surface design and preparing everything mill ready.

Our aim has always been to give the best quality, be competitive and honor deadlines. In Vogue’s team are experts in redesigns, repeats colorways, custom design, CAD, digital printing and hand painting. The markets that we cover include women's, men's, children's, swimwear, bedding, tabletop, decorative fabrics and more. Our clients include both major and indipendent brands.

We know that it is hard enough in the business world and we want our clients to be assured that they can count on us. Our ability of understanding what the client wants makes each project successfulThese must be also the reasons that we maintain our relationships for many years.

At present, Michael Bach has taken over as president and has a remarkable staff of designers & operators with extensive experience.

Try us and see why we have a reputation for detail,accuracy, quality and efficiency!

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