Digital Fabric Printing & Color matching

At In Vogue Studios we do all of our digital fabric printing in house. 

We service the apparel, home furnishings and accessory markets mainly. Our quality and fast turnaround times are unbeatable. We also take pride in our color matching.

In house we have a large variety of pre-treated fabrics to choose from which includes cottons, silks, nylons, polyesters, and rayons.

All are available in wovens or knits. Having these qualities pre-treated allows us to print quickly. Our deliveries are anywhere from 1-4 days.

In addition, we also print custom fabrics for our clients and we stock them for future orders. There is a minimum of 5 yds for most custom goods with the exception of polyester that has no minimum required. Please, note that a few days are added on to the delivery for the treatment of custom goods.

Our printing services include machines that print permanent and non-permanent on different fabrics.

Choice of permanent and non-permanent on cotton, wool or rayon.
Permanent printing on polyesters, silks and nylons.

Also because In Vogue is a full service Studio, we are able to fix if need to be and prepare your prints for whatever is needed.

Our staff is happy to help you with all your printing needs.