Hand Painting

At In Vogue Studios we believe that Hand Painting is a skill that is impossible to replace. Our team of designers, many with international training in the fine arts and over 20 years of experience in textile design, are exceptional. We are experts in the basics of textile design such as repeats, colorways and different painting techniques such as watercolors and gouache.

What sets us apart is our exceptional quality and skills. We specialize in custom design and print development for the individual client's need. In addition, our use of combining the skill of the Hand Artists with the CAD Studio gives us exceptional results for our clients.

Garment and Fabric Hand Painting available.

Our team are experts at painting on fabrics and garments such as t-shirts, dresses etc. (photo: metallic gold on fabric).

We are able to put sequins, glitter and even crystals on your designs.




Samples of Our Hand Painted Work